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Buchenot ceramics

est. 2012


Handmade ware painted by flame

  Buchenot ceramics is the everyday functional and decorative pottery for the home and kitchen, hand made by Benjamin Buchenot in Aurora, IL.  The ware is fired to cone 10 (2350°F) or higher in either in a gas reduction kiln or wood-fired kiln.  Firing at these high temperatures makes the work food safe and strong enough to go in the dishwasher, microwave and oven.  To see Benjamin's sculptural work be sure to visit the gallery.  To purchase the ware visit the online shop or visit Buchenot ceramics at an upcoming Art fair.


Wood fired pottery.



  Benjamin first started working in clay in high school during the late 90's and hasn't shown any sign of stopping.  He opened his studio in 2012 and began selling his wares full time.  To learn more about Benjamin click the link below.


2019 art fair schedule.


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