wood fired mug

wood fired mug


Make this salty wood fired mug yours. 

4 7/8" Tall
3 3/8" Diameter
4 7/8" Wide with handle

This mug was wheel thrown on a kick wheel from Amador Stoneware.  A helmer flashing slip was applied to the surface.  It was fired in the wood salt kiln.  The white spotting texture is the sodium from the salt combining with the silica in the clay to create sodium silicate an extremely strong glaze surface. It has a white liner glaze.

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I make each piece with love and care and therefore the pieces should be treated with love and care. Although the pieces are well crafted enough to withstand dishwashers and microwaves, I recommend hand washing to ensure the longest life for the piece. Like all hand made ware, intense thermal differences can result in damage. Cold pieces should be gently pre-warmed with tepid water before filling with boiling hot water. All clay and glazes used are lead-free and are safe for food use. 

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