To make my work I must approach it with the learned skill from years of practice, a clear sense of the finished aesthetic but a willingness to intuit new avenues along the way.  The years of continual practice have built up a muscle memory that allows for an instinctive making process.  This helps me find my way to a place between the unconscious craftsperson and the conscious artist.  I strive to create work that feels as if it has always existed and was merely pulled down from the either and presented.  The process is a delicate balance as the aesthetic intentions can be both a road map and road block simultaneously.  My experiences and their interpretations are the source for these intentions.  How one chooses to interpret reality and respond to it.  How we desire to look beyond the veil and understand the greater connecting tissues of existence.  These threads run through my mind just as the clay runs through my fingers.  The craft of shaping the clay for everyday use is also an important factor as I create the work.  The way the handle feels, how it is to sip from the mug or the way my work will fit in you home.  The work is meant to be enjoyed, used and loved.  To have a full life.