wood fired tumbler

wood fired tumbler


Sip in style with this sweet printed, wood fired tumbler. 

5 1/4" Tall
3 1/4" Diameter

This tumbler was wheel thrown on a kick wheel from Helmer Porcelain.  Several patterns and slips were applied to the surface.  The tumbler has a white liner glaze and a light clear glaze on the exterior.  It was fired in the wood kiln.  When the kiln reaches temperature, 2350°F and higher, the wood ash on the surface melts into a glaze and affects the applied glaze and slips.  The interior white glaze also captures the wood ash which turns it into subtle blues and greens.  With a little detective work you can determine the direction of the flames as they traveled across the piece.  

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I make each piece with love and care and therefore the pieces should be treated with love and care. Although the pieces are well crafted enough to withstand dishwashers and microwaves, I recommend hand washing to ensure the longest life for the piece. Like all hand made ware, intense thermal differences can result in damage. Cold pieces should be gently pre-warmed with tepid water before filling with boiling hot water. All clay and glazes used are lead-free and are safe for food use. 

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